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Oplà IoT Kit Gets Italian, Spanish, German and French Translations

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A big part of the Oplà IoT Kit’s value comes from its online content. When you get the kit, one of the first tasks is to visit opla.arduino.cc, where a host of awesome resources are available.

And now it’s expanding on its usefulness by adding four new languages to the content.

Let’s Talk About the Oplà

The Oplà IoT Kit is a very powerful and fully featured learning tool. It’s also got everything an experienced maker needs for a connected project, of course, but if you’re new to Arduino the Oplà is a fantastic introduction.

The kit is supported by its very own website, which offers getting started guides for the bundled MKR IoT Carrier and for Arduino Cloud. The entire kit is all about building IoT projects, so the Cloud is an essential part of that, and it’s important to learn your way around it just as much as the hardware and sensors.

Project guides include a host of great ways to learn about the Oplà IoT Kit, from remote controlled lights to weather stations, security alarms and even a solar system tracker. So it’s easy to see how this online resource ramps up the usability of the kit significantly.

The good news is that it’s now even more useful, thanks to a range of new translations. French, German, Spanish and Italian speaking users can switch the entire Oplà site’s content into their native language. There’s a selector button in the top right corner of the screen that changes all the posts into your preferred language.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on it, especially from makers who speak these newly added languages natively. Anything we can do to improve, just let us know. In the meantime, grab your Oplà IoT Kit and dive into all that delicious multilingual content!

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Upload your sketch over-the-air with the Arduino IoT Cloud!

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Over-the-air (or OTA) programming is a very useful feature in all those cases where your devices are located in places that are not easily accessible. For example, you built a weather station using the Oplá IoT Kit, situated it on your rooftop, and started monitoring the weather from an IoT Cloud dashboard. That’s great until you find a bug or want to modify something and have to climb on your roof with a laptop to do so. Here’s where OTA becomes handy. 

If you have connected an Arduino Nano 33 IoT or a MKR WiFi 1010 to the Arduino IoT Cloud, you can now update the sketch using a wireless connection from the web.

How it works

To use OTA, you need to do two things: enable a device and create a Thing.

To enable a device, you need to connect a board to the IoT Cloud and update the firmware. Just plug the device into the USB, go to the Device tab, and click Add Device. A wizard will guide you through the process — at the end, your board will be available as a target for the upload over-the-air and you will be able to update the sketch remotely!

A Thing is a component that manages the dialogue between the cloud and the physical device thanks to a dedicated library (the Arduino Connection Handler), and stores the data into the cloud. Creating a Thing is simple: just select the voice from the IoT Cloud’s main menu, configure the variables that you want to exchange with the device, and pair the board that you have just enabled.

If you are new to the IoT Cloud, here is an in-depth tutorial on how to build an IoT project with Arduino Create. Once you have configured a Thing, you will be able to perform OTA updates. 

Devices that can be updated via OTA will appear in the dropdown list of all updatable devices in the online editors of Create — the full Web Editor and the new Sketch Editor have been introduced in the Thing configuration page to make minor changes to the code.

This Sketch Editor is one of the innovations that we have introduced in the IoT Cloud with two objectives in mind: 

1. Help those who are learning to program with Arduino follow the tutorials of IoT projects, such as those included in the Oplà IoT Kit.

2. Allow users to quickly make small changes to the sketch, which do not require access to libraries or more sophisticated editing functions.

More resources

If you want to know more about OTA and the redesign of the IoT Cloud, we have prepared a couple of detailed tutorials that will walk you through the exploration of the new features. 

Uploading sketches over-the-air (OTA)

Getting started with the Arduino IoT Cloud

New to Arduino Create? It’s a platform that helps you develop and manage connected projects with Arduino, featuring tools to code, monitor, and control devices from the Internet and your smartphones. Sign up for free now!

Don’t miss any updates and receive amazing projects from Arduino in your inbox! 

Arduino Explore IoT Kit vs Arduino Oplà IoT Kit: a detailed comparison

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If you are looking for a solution to learn and experience the Internet of Things, there are two popular choices: the Explore IoT Kit and the Oplà IoT Kit. But which one should you pick? Here‘s a handy guide.

The kits share a very similar set of hardware and are in the same price range; moreover, they both offer a free one-year subscription to the Arduino Create MKR Plan, Arduino premium coding platform.

That is where the similarities end though! The Oplà IoT Kit is designed for individuals to use to add connectivity to devices around the home or in the office. Whilst the Explore IoT Kit is an educational kit developed for students to learn how to control objects remotely using digital dashboards and learn the fundamentals of the Internet of Things. Moreover, they offer different online platforms, different projects, in other words, a completely different experience. 

We’ve created a super simple guide to help you decide which is the right kit for you and your projects! 

Both kits include: 

And now, let’s explore  what you can do with the Explore IoT Kit and the Oplà IoT Kit

Explore IoT Kit

The Explore IoT Kit teaches you fundamental concepts to control objects remotely.

This educational kit includes 10 online student activities that adopt a learning-by-doing approach.               

Step-by-step, students will acquire knowledge by constructing fully functional solutions including experiments, challenges, and building real-life applications. Students also learn to control objects remotely using a digital dashboard – the Arduino IoT Cloud. 

Oplà IoT Kit

The Oplà IoT Kit adds connectivity to your home, office appliances, and applications. 

This kit comes with a complete set of 8 Internet of Things projects ready to turn everyday appliances into ‘smart appliances’ e.g. thermostat.

Suitable for more advanced users so they can create their own connected devices and IoT applications through the open programmable platform providing ultimate control. 

Say hello to the new Arduino Oplà IoT Kit: Experience the Internet of Things in your hands!

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We’re excited to announce the launch of the Arduino Oplà Kit, the first open programmable IoT platform that allows you to add smart connectivity to the devices around your home or workplace and build custom IoT devices. 

The Oplà IoT Kit contains all the hardware necessary to create eight connected applications, access to an online platform with assembly instructions, and a 12-month subscription to the Arduino Create Maker Plan. This kit is perfect for beginners with basic DIY experience, while more advanced users can leverage it to customize and hack their smart applications and devices, with full control of their data and processes. 

Eight out-of-the-box projects to connect your home or workplace

The projects included in the Oplà IoT Kit enable users to turn everyday appliances into smart appliances, which can be controlled remotely on a mobile phone: 

  • Remote Controlled Lights — Change color, light modes, and switch on/off
  • Personal Weather Station — Record and monitor local weather conditions
  • Home Security Alarm — Detect motion and trigger warnings
  • Solar System Tracker — Retrieve data from planets and moons in the solar system
  • Inventory Control — Track goods in and out
  • Smart Garden — Monitor and manage the environment for your plants
  • Thermostat Control — Smart control for heating and cooling systems
  • Thinking About You — Send messages between the kit and the Arduino IoT Cloud

Create, connect, control. The Internet of Things has never been so easy! 

No soldering is required with the Oplà IoT Kit, which is based on a MKR IoT carrier with an OLED color display, on-board environmental sensors and capacitive touch buttons. The kit also includes a MKR WiFi 1010 board, a circular plastic enclosure and supporting accessories, such as two cables, a motion sensor, a moisture sensor, and a USB cable. 

To build applications, users can rely on the Oplà online platform. Each project includes goals, an intro to the components, step-by-step instructions with illustrations and videos to guide you through assembling the product and building the code. 

Finally, the kit acts as the physical interface of the Arduino IoT Cloud and comes with a 12-month subscription to the Arduino Create Maker Plan, offering unlimited compilation time and extended access to all the features of the Arduino IoT Cloud. 

When creating the Oplà IoT Kit, we wanted to design a platform that would allow anyone to gain a complete experience of what the Internet of Things has to offer around the home or workplace and I really believe we have achieved this. It is a great kit for users to build custom devices and enjoy being creative, no matter your level of experience,” says Arduino CEO Fabio Violante. “With this launch, we take yet another step towards lowering the barrier to entry for IoT development and cannot wait to see the projects created by users embracing connected devices both in their homes and at work.” 

The Oplà IoT Kit is available on the Arduino online store.